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5 Stunning Features of Responsive Websites Designs

Before starting web designing actual article web designing training in Chandigarh would like to elaborate the definition of responsive website design. Since you can’t comprehend the features clearly until you won’t have knowledge about what is meant by responsive design.

Responsive Design is an approach to designing and building up a site, application or games with respect to a user’s behavior and environment.

Responsive Websites are essentially sites that are designed and built in a way to act like user preference.

The concept of adapting a site’s layout as devices’ display was first written in 2004 by Cameron Adams. This concept is very simple. Its aim is to provide an optimum viewing reading, experience,  and navigating in wide range of devices.

These devices include tables, smartphones, iPods, iPads and Smart Televisions etc.

Responsive website design usually adapts the layout according to the viewer’s choice.

If a user switches their laptop to iPod, the responsive website will automatically move to the respective resolution of the new device.

Responsive Websites Designs are adjusted of extent  based-grids, flexible graphs, images, intelligence use of media queries and different  properties like fluid grids.These websites are adjusting for size, resolution and scripting capabilities.

5 Stunning Features of Responsive Web Designing

Now I’m going to discuss the amazing features one by one.

1. Adaptation to All Devices

This is one of the most beneficial parts of Responsive Websites Designs that they give lovely user-experience across numerous devices neglecting their screen sizes. To make the screen resolution of all devices make their flexibility more attractive. You can easily imagine working on your site for all the tools that give the most positive user experience. Optimizing your site for all the available screen sizes gives a great universal look.

The working of a single website for both desktops and mobile devices make it increasingly broad rather than various sites as per devices chooses by users.

Can you imagine your site working independently and modify yourself according to the screen, in it the rotation of the screen, content reposition, images L resize, font size shift and even changes in navigation Will happen. These features make a positive image of your business site on the end user who ultimately receives more audience.


5 Stunning Features of Responsive Websites Designs


2. Open Support For All Browsers

The Responsive Websites Designs are  progressively good with all search engines. Which is the most significant and helpful feature of responsive websites. As we know Greater the similarity of a site to search engines greater its visibility. Visibility features eventually give the simplicity of accessibly acquired websites on all devices. These visualizations will attract more traffic to your site, which increases the graph of your income.

Most popular search engines, Google Love Responsive Sites.  It additionally prescribes mobile optimized sites for target mobile users.

3. Perfection in Your SEO

The websites that don’t have responsive design are usually not compatible for smart phones and all other devices. For such devices, companies will have to create ‘the mobile sites’. These things not only double the work of developers, but also make a challenge for SEO individuals to optimize links to both the mobile and desktop sites.


Responsive designs of the website give simpler for SEO’s people to work only once and limited the burden of work.

These features give the simplicity of optimizes the site against one link. One URL optimizations are very easy that give consistency in URL structure against all devices. This will eventually result in higher execution rate of your site that make it  progressively well known among the rest of the search results.

4. Low Cost & Higher Maintenance

It is the most significant feature of RWD Websites, Games Apps for budget conscious customers. Rather than creating various versions of a single site that will compatible against desktop, laptop, iPods and smartphones you simply need to build up a single site with responsive characteristics.

This will eventually minimize the cost factor and give simplicity of maintenance. In long term flawless progression of your site makes it resistant of unseen defects. It will lower the burden of maintenance in a cost effective manner.

5. More Sale & Higher Conversation

A huge number of visitors or people come to your site through smart phones, tablets and iPods. As per a review this mobile revolution now optimistically 1.9 billion  individuals are utilizing smart phones in 2013. Now being an owner of a business, you couldn’t ignore such number of majority visitors.

If you have an online business of selling product and services than this responsive designs will raise your conversation. During the search of the user if your site will act simply like their preference than this will let them to  remain on your site. The user friendly behavior of your site will prompt higher conversion rates.


In 21st century everyone has smart phones, tablets and other devices. With the progression in technologies  entire world is getting changed as a small village. By adapting this technological advancement in the IT field you should build your business websites in responsive designs manners. Due to the significance of RWD from a business point of view, everyone should add this Responsive Design to their web strategies in the future for the sake of batter visuality experience to mobile users. This simplicity of accessibility from any device gets more traffic to your site.

Responsive design of your site will improve client experience, improve SEO load and will give high performance in low cost and less timings. These are the key purpose of flourishing your business according to user preference. For these reasons RWD is the best choice for your exclusive business personality.


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Industrial Training in Chandigarh : Six months industrial training

Introduction of Industrial Training :

Industrial Training in chandigarh is one of the need for all students of Degree Course. The main objective is to give students vast exposure to a real industrial environment. Students will be capable to apply the skills that they have gained throughout their academic years. In addition, they can enhance their knowledge and abilities at the companies that they are attached too. The vision of UMP is to be a leading center in producing professionals in the area of chemical and natural resources engineering, with significance on best industrial practices and applications to produce a graduate who have the competence. In gain a graduation, the industrial training should be complete within for the duration of maximum of one  semester.

Objective of Industrial Training :

The objectives of the industrial training are as follow :

  • To reveal students to practice and professional attitude.
  • To confident students to apply theory and practical knowledge.
  • To maintain students to working environment and teamwork.
  • To introduce students to potential employers.
  • To raise the capability to improve students creativity skills and sharing ideas with others.

Six months industrial training is the turning point for each student who has undergone Btech, BCA, MCA, BBA & MBA course. In this age of computer it is nearly inaccessible to get JOB with just degree or diploma. At least one of the relevant technologies under networking, programming, internet technologies, human resources, finance and accounting software etc. should have deep awareness.

Our CBitss Technologies is  Chandigarh based company, leader in its class to provide best industrial training in chandigarh to the students who want to undergo 4 weeks,6 weeks,2 months, summer internship & 6 months industrial training .


INDUSTRIAL-TRAININIndustrial Training in ChandigarhG IN-CHANDIGARH

Now we discuss here our designing and development course

Web Designing Course :

Today the world is dominated by web. Every business is now conducted globally using the web. In this digital world, the online existence on the web is very imperative for each organization to promote ,advertise and sell their products and services to worldwide user.

Web designing training in chandigarh is a professional job oriented course. There are huge chances applicable for the students who want to work in this field. Many private and public organizations employ web designer for their online work and website development. With the speedy advent of online industry, the demand of web development professionals is enlarge and this has created a huge job chances for the candidate in the upcoming days.

After getting enough information about this field, you may be fascinated how  I can become a web designer ? To answer all your confusion here is the answer:

We are affording multiple courses that one can pursue in order to become a web designer; these courses can range from 6 months to one year. In these courses you will be know about the basic of web designing and online business, the subjects and languages you will learn in this course consist of HTML, CSS, Php, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, WordPress, Joomla, and Magneto.

Once you will become a master in this field, you will be capable to work with most of the reputed companies. It is simple to make your career after completion of your degree.Hard work and self confidence is enough to become a successful web designer.

Photoshop :

Adobe Photoshop is a Graphics image editing program that is utilized here and there in the world of Design, Film making , Photography and  Print. Adobe Photoshop CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CC are the latest versions of the software existence on the Market with Creative Clouds opportunity. TGC is a leading institute in India affording unmatched training solutions in Photoshop CC.

Our  Photoshop Training in chandigarh would teach  students all the tools and functionality of the adobe Photoshop software in order to use it for designing, editing, simulation and handling.

Students who complete this course have the following career options : Graphic Designers ,Graphic Tutors ,Photo Editors with Print and Media Houses ,Compositing Editor ,Industrial Designers ,Web Designers ,Fine art Photographers ,Fashion Designers.

PHP Course :

PHP can absolutely do anything related to server-side scripting or more popularly known as the backend of a website. For example, PHP can receive data from forms, develop dynamic page content, can work with databases, create sessions, send and receive cookies, send emails etc. There are also many hash functions accessible in PHP to encrypt user’s data that makes PHP secure and dependable to be used as a server-side scripting language. So these are some of the abilities of PHP that makes it sufficient to be used as server-side scripting language. You will get to know more of these capabilities in further tutorials.

Even if you are not persuaded by the above abilities of PHP, there are some more features of PHP. PHP can run on all considerable operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS X etc. Almost all of the major servers accessible today such as Apache supports PHP.

PHP allows using wide range of databases. And the most essential factor is that it is free to utilize and download and anyone can download PHP .Because of these abilities there is high demand for PHP developers.SO CBitss Technologies provide PHP Training in Chandigarh for those who want to make their career in Web Development.


How to improve your spoken English: 8 tips

How to improve your spoken English: 8 tips – When you ask a language student what their objectives are, almost everyone says  improve my speaking. When learning a foreign language, you will find yourself talking with complete category of native speakers – servers in restaurants,your teacher, taxi drivers and your landlord, so it is vital that you feel pleasant. Just like improving your writing, listening or any other skill, there are techniques you can utilize to improve your spoken English in a aim method.

Now we discuss some tips for how to improve your spoken English :

1. Speak, speak, speak

There is no magic bullet for better speech, start by saying this. It would be very  easy, right? Basically, the best style to speak better is to, well – speak! Commit to practicing often and with as many disparate people as possible. Do you already live or study overseas? Take benefit of the thousands of native speakers in your at once community, like  your friends, your coworkers, their families, classmates,supermarket, employees at the coffee shops, post-office and other places you visit. If you are learning in your own country, raise your practice time by meeting your classmates after class, finding an language change partner or joining an online community of learners.

2. Reflect on your conversations

After your communication is over, take a moment to reverse. How did it go? How much do you think you understood? How appropriate did you ambience with that subject matter? Did you encounter any unknown words? The mere act of thinking about it in this style will raise your courage for the next time you speak .


How to improve your spoken English: 8 tips

How to improve your spoken English: 8 tips

Read more AT –

3. Listen and read

You need words in order to talk, right? Class time is great for learning vocabulary, but there are other styles you can raise yours: listen to music,listen the radio and to podcasts,watch movies. Read books, blogs and magazines. When listening and reading, catch new and impressive expressions, slang terms and synonyms, write down this new material and look up anything you are not simple with. All this will afford more  meat for you to utilize next time you practice.

4. Prepare cheat sheets

One part of the nervousness during speaking is not knowing what to say.To deal with this, prepare a cheat sheet. Are you going to the doctor’s? Before your appointment, research vocabulary describe to your condition and some basic phrases you will possibly require. Utilize the technique before going to pay a bill, eating at a restaurant, job interviews, making a complaint, or for any other condition that might make you afraid.

5. Pick up the phone

Most people find phone conversations individually challenging. Why? Because on the phone, we can not see the other person’s body language or watch their mouth move, both of which are tools that absolutely help communication. To feel more courageous on the phone, begin small with phone communication with friends – then move on to more challenging calls like making appointments or inquiries.

6. Record your voice

We know, we know – most people dislike hearing their voice recorded – but it’s actually an extremely beneficial style for how to  improve your spoken English! Hearing yourself on tape appears you things you might not realize . On the other hand, you could be cheerfully stunned to listen that your speaking is far better than you thought! For bonus points, take your recording to your teacher or to a native speaker friend and have them afford you feedback.

7. Learn phrases rather than single words

Another tip to increase your fluency is to speak using a collection of phrases rather than particularly words.Rather of automatically asking Hello, how are you today?, mix it up by selecting other expressions like What’s up, man? Hey dude! or How ya going, mate? (Be careful though : few expressions will be very unofficial and not ideal for some conditions

8. Have fun

Let’s face it. It is far simple to learn something new when you are having fun. Include foolishness into your speaking practice by talking to yourself when you are alone, singing along with famous songs in English, doing tongue twisters (Try our top tongue twisters) or doing one-minute “impromptu speeches” on randomly-chosen topics (like snakes, coffee, India or subjects like If I ruled the world, I would…, Three extraordinary facts about me, or Which came first, the chicken or the egg?). Great practice and considerable, inappropriate fun

English Speaking Course in Chandigarh  provides by English Pro is known as the best Institute for English speaking course in Chandigarh.  Our objective is to make you perfect in English Speaking Course in Chandigarh and to achieve our detached we work on different modules which will help you in improve developing your skills and afterward then you have a good command of English language.



latest Web Design Trends 2019

Last year, we saw tremendous innovation in latest web design trends 2019, which survived exceptionally well on the internet. The visual landscape for web designers on the new year was similar to all the latest trends of web design and development of previous years. Before this, the design of each website was centered on providing exceptional user experience and as a result, the users were fully accepted.

The Web Design Trends 2019 that will win this year are only the refinement of the previous designs that have been dominating the web for past certain years. These have always remained the most essential factors to consider in the web designing practices. As there have been some major technological advancements in the most recent year, here is a round up of the most prominent elements that still hold most extreme significance in the website designing trends.


The Top Web Design Trends 2019 Explained

Flat and Material Design

  • Flat and material design are two diverse most latest web design trends 2019. The former, at one hand, decreases the loading time of the web pages definitely. Flat design look similarly engaging on both low-resolution as well as high-resolution screens.
  • On the other hand, Material design is an advanced version of flat design. It gives stress on subtle details such as layers,  animations, shades, etc. Using the Material design, navigation becomes much easier. Material design is intuitive, easy to understand and use as well.
  • GDPR-A solid move GDPR compliance services have spread very rapidly in a very short time. General data protection regulation was announced for the EU web users’ data and privacy rights, but its effect can be experienced around the whole connected world.  In the Web design industry, GDPR consulting is emerging as an integral part of the night. Demand for GDPR compliance solution providers is expected to boom in the coming years. This is because it is essential to protect data privacy and user rights.


  • Being a frontend framework, Bootstrap has stayed one imperative element to be considered by the developers. As a framework, it helps in the improvement  of the responsive projects over the web that ensures for its entrance on a wide number of platforms.
  • The best news for developers on working over this platform is that sites just as related applications can easily be scaled with a single code base, right from the phones to the tablets and to the desktops also. All it needs is the CSS media inquiries for scaling the web components.


  • With an ever increasing number of designers  giving more attention to UX/UI designs, there is a greater opportunity for developers to include the advantages of the web design trends 2019. UI design, being a part of overall UX, offers the methods to give better experience to the users browsing through the websites. Greater and better experience to the users while browsing the sites has dependably remained a crucial point for the developers. Including this current website design trend, users can easily be kept with the extended website browsing experience.

Call to Action (CTA) Buttons

  • Call to action buttons or CTA in general are more of an opportunity for individuals to respond on messages or offers listed over websites. Because of its utility, call to action has made its basic spot in the list of the website design trends.
  • For advertisers, this element comes as a  ideal educating choice, which is directed towards the audience. It provoke quick reaction from them with slogans like  get to know us better, call now, visit us now. Etc.

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The Hamburger Menu

  • The three parallel horizontal lines (☰) looking like the hamburger and called as hamburger menu is a button for graphic user interfaces. This trend is being utilized in various applications and one  prominent social networking site Facebook successfully.
  • However, there is a consistent discussion continuing for the effective utility of the menu but it has dependably kept going as a helping bar for navigating to other sections of a web based application. More to this, the utility of this button additionally increases or decreases with the kind of websites being browsed.

Responsive Technique

  • Responsive website design trend is a technique that has been grown recently. It helps web developers to make pages that can easily be accessed on any of the platforms irrespective of the device size. The feature of responsiveness is being proficiently analyzed utilizing an online responsive checker tool that is very simple to utilize.
  • The increasing use of smartphones plays a major role in the overall popularity of responsive design. Responsiveness has played an important role in making the element  load well over any of the digital platforms. Therefore, the responsiveness of actions makes it much easier for developers to create pages and make them accessible from any device. This device agnostic element makes it easy for developers to optimize images for large and small screen.

Parallax Scrolling

  • Parallax scrolling  over is one of the most latest website design trends 2019.  It works over the site pages and helps in scrolling background and foreground content at various speed. The technique  makes an illusion of depth for the users when they long scroll the web page. The technique offers an improved impact when utilized in 2D scenes. It gives an whole new level of depth.
  • Parallax scrolling accepted into the web after it successfully pull in to the video game audience. It utilizes diverse techniques for giving the required effect over web pages or different websites. You can see on our homepage, a practical example of parallax scrolling, where we gave details about our partner’s website


  • Content is king and its representation on the websites works as a crown on the king’s head.
  • Extensive and adaptable topography has made its mark as prominent as the other trend in web design are describe here. In addition, responsiveness takes the sites to all new level on a range of devices.  By including background images and animation, will latest website design trends will help make 2019 more prominent.
  • The sort of typography that is decide for the representation of the brands leaves a greater impact over the visitors. It is a factor for building up a solid visual identity for the brand, which many-a-time results in attracting potential customers towards the products.

Video Headers

  • Video and bold stunning headers have the ability to attract users to websites. It will be the main connection of the clients with the video that they will play; hence, the impact needs to be bold enough to get the required attention.
  • It is a planned marketing technique for successful presentation and delivering the essence of the story in one liner. An effective use can proof to be advantageous to the  owners who have websites of their own.


These effective web design trends 2019 are certain to stay alive for a year now.  For optimal user satisfaction, better techniques may advance in this year as well.  As the technology is developing, the scope of technical development in all these latest web design trends is sure to make these techniques much more prominent.


CBitss Technologies located in Chandigarh, Sector 34A. We are the Leading Training Institute offers

certification oriented Web Designing Training in Chandigarh.


Sumil Sharma Birthday Celebration With CBitss Technologies

Today is a day of celebration at CBitss Technologies, All staff members were really excited for Birthday celebration of Strong pillar of CBitss Technologies Mr Sumil Sharma, Who is known for his designing and Teaching skills , He has around 8 years of experience in the same.

sumil sharma

Staff of CBitss technologies decorated the ceiling with paper buntings, bells and stars. They blew balloons and hung them all over. Doing that was great fun as some of the balloons bursted while blowing and others refused to stick to the wall. For some fun, they also kept a few birthday caps. They placed floating candles on the table where the cake would be kept and then put an extra table to keep the eatables.

Next they spread out the disposable cups, glasses and plates. The snacks were served in the dishes. Sweets and samosa were kept in the kitchen with a sauce. Wafers were kept on the table.Cold drinks were kept in the refrigerator. Almost everything was ready by 5:00 p.m.

The party started at 5: 30 p.m and all of this was Kept as a surprise for Mr Sharma hopefully he would be very happy to see all the stuff.


Future Scope Of Python Languages

Future Scope Of Python Languages – Python is an general-purpose interpreted, interactive, object-oriented, and high-level popular programming language designed by Guido Van Rossum who was a Dutch programmer,at CWI(Centrum Wiskunde and Informatics) in the Netherland in 1991.It is dominating other programming languages such as C,C++,Java etc.It is one of the most favored programming languages used worldwide.

Also it is one of the fastest growing programming languages which has undergone more than 25 years of the successful span. Python itself reveals its success story and a promising future ahead.In the Whole World Python is used to create Game Development, GUI Applications, Websites, Mobile apps, financial, Scientific and Instructive applications.

Future Scope Of Python Languages

Why Is Python So Popular?

The main reason behind the immense popularity of python programming language across the globe is the features it provides which can be follow as:-

1. Python Supports Multiple Programming Paradigms

Python is a multi-paradigm programming language which has features like object-oriented, imperative,procedural,functional,reflective etc.

2. Easy To Code And Write

Python has a simple, easy and readable code as compared to other programming languages like Java, C or C++.

3. Python Has A Rich And Supportive Community

The greater part of the other programming dialects have underpins issues. Also, some of them lack in the documentation which makes it difficult for a programmer to build his project.

Python doesn’t have these issues. It has been work for a long time, so there are plenty of documentation, tutorials, guides and much more to help a programmer.

Also, it has rich and an active community who ensures to provide help and supports to the developers. So,The community consists of many experienced developers and programmer who provides support at any time.

4. Python Contains Fewer Lines Of Codes

In python programming language codes are written complete in fewer lines thus reducing the efforts of programmers.

5. Standard Library

Python comes with a huge standard library through which eliminate the effort to write a function or code.The library consists of many inbuilt functions and pre-written codes, so it is not necessary to have to write a code for every single thing.

6. Cross-Platform Language

On different operating systems Python can run smoothly such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, etc. so it can be interpreted that it is a portable language.It means if you’ve written your code for the Windows platform, you can also run it on a Mac platform.

Read More at –  Python Introduction

Future Scopes:

  • Python has been voted as most favorite programming language dominating C, C++ and java programming. It is an open source programming language and used to develop almost every kind of application.


  • Python language is being used worldwide as a wide range of application development and system development programming language. Big brands and search engine are using python programming to make their task easier. Google, Yahoo, Quora, Facebook etc are using python programming to solve their complex programming problems.


  • Python programming language is versatile, robust and comprehensive. It is high-level programming language and easy to learn as well as it reduces the coding effort compare to other programming languages.


  • Python programming language is used to write test scripts and tests mobile devices performance. It is one of the most versatile languages in these days.In the IT industry, Python programmers are most demand able these days and get paid more compared to another language programmer which make Python future brighter.

For More Details About Python Join CBitss Technologies. CBitss Provides Best Python Training in Chandigarh..


Web Designing Training in Chandigarh | Web Designing course in chandigarh

CBitss Technologies located in Chandigarh, Sector 34A. We are the Leading Training Institute offers certification oriented Web Designing Training in Chandigarh. Our colleague will be eligible to clear all type of interviews at end of our sessions. We are building a team of Web Designing trainers and participants for their future help and assistance in subject. Our training will be direct on assisting in placements as well. Our Web Designing Courses in Chandigarh Course Fees is very moderate compared to others. We are the only Web Designing training institute who can share video reviews of all our students. We specified the course timings and start date as well in below.

Best Web Designing Training Course in Chandigarh

We are leading web designing training Institute in Chandigarh. Get the best web designing Course in Chandigarh. All our web designing trainers are very professionals and love to share their businesslike knowledge with the students. Our web designing trainers understand the freshers & working professional’s requirement very well.

Web Designing Training in Chandigarh

Benefits of learning web designing –

Web development has always been an elemental and central part of the internet.

Since it has overtaken all other business portrait and has become the most compelling business model, the demand for skilled web design has increased naturally.

By learning HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Adobe Dreamweaver, jQuery and third party APIs you can put yourself in the company of elite panel of web builder. Web development is more like an art and is only limited by the awareness of the developer. It will increase and enhance with time and practice. There is no end.

Web Designing Training course objectives:

  • Introduction to Web designing
  • Careers in Web web designing and Job Roles
  • How the Website Works?
  • Client Side Scripting and Server Side Scripting
  • Domains & Hosting
  • Static Website Designing And Dynamic Websites
  • PHP MySQL Web Designing & Developer Syllabus

Why choose CBitss Technologies  as a Top web designing Training Institute in  Chandigarh Sector 34A?

  • CBitss technologies has best experienced and .
  • More than 1000 students already completed this courses & secured a job.
  • We have lab facility To make students comfortable while learning.
  • Each student is given a desktop to practice all over the course.
  • CBitss has tied up with many companies & consultancies to provide placement assistance for our students.

And moreover our trainers are very helpful & they will help you with most expected Web designing Interviews question and answer.


How is Java platform independent?

The meaning of platform independent  is that, the java source code can keep running on every operating system.

A program is written in a language which is a comprehensible  language. It might contain words, phrases and so forth which the machine does not understand it. For the source code to be known by the machine, it should be in a language understood by machines, ordinarily a machine-level language. Along these lines, here comes the role of a compiler. The compiler changes over the abnormal state language into a configuration understood by the machines. Accordingly, a compiler is a program that deciphers the source code for another program from a programming language into executable code.

This executable code might be an arrangement of machine guidelines that can be executed by the CPU specifically, or it might be an intermediate representation that is translated by a virtual machine. This intermediate represented in Java is the Java Byte Code.

How is Java platform independent?

Step by step Execution of Java Program:

  • At whatever point, a program is written in JAVA, the javac gathers it.
  • The result of the JAVA compiler is the .class record or the bytecode and not the machine native code (unlike C compiler).
  • The bytecode created is a non-executable code and needs a interpreter to execute on a machine. This interpreter is the JVM and along these lines the Bytecode is executed by the JVM.
  • And finally the program runs to give the desired output.

In case of C or C++  the compiler produces an .exe file which is OS dependent. When we attempt to run this .exe file on another OS it doesn’t run, since it is OS dependent and thus isn’t compatible with the other OS.

Java platform is independent but dependent on JVM platform

In Java, the main point here is that the JVM relies upon the operating system – so on the off chance that you are running Mac OS X you will have an alternate JVM than if you are running Windows or some other operating system. This reality can be confirmed by trying to download the JVM for your specific machine – when attempting to download it, you will given a list of JVM’s comparing to various operating system, and you will clearly pick whichever JVM is focused for the OS that you are running. So we can complete that JVM is platform dependent and it is the reasons why Java is able to become “platform Independent”.

Important Points:

  • In the case of Java, it is the appearance of Bytecode that makes it platform independent.
  • This adds to a vital component in the JAVA language termed as portability. Each system has its own JVM which gets installed automatically when the jdk software is installed. For each OS separate JVM is accessible which is capable to read the .class file or byte code.
  • An imperative point to be noted is that while JAVA is platform independent language, the JVM is platform dependent. Distinctive JVM is designed for various OS and byte code can keep running on various OS.

This article is contributed by professional java trainers of java training in Chandigarh.


Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Web design trends are what I call “Anything that develops smart building solutions” or “Early adopter, anything that reaches popularity.” Stories have defined our world. They have continued to grow, with their ambition remaining the same: to entertain, to share common experiences, to educate and to pass on nationality. Web workers speculate where web design trends will head in the year 2018. The success of the flat design was unstoppable. Technological advancement has change the way we collaborate, socialize and do business. Preferences upgrades gradually, so will their appeal for better quality stuff. There were a lot many expectation from the customers which are normal to continue in the year 2019 too.

Web Design Trends 2019

1. The Rise of CSS3 Animations

Animations have hit the web market. They are being used in the websites to enhance a site’s background and make it more interactive. Animations build background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, micro-interactions. CSS animation is a powerful feature which has gained honest appeal by the users.

  1. Parallax

Parallax helps you to grab attention and create a convinced sphere around your products. It helps you to promote a greater chance of connecting because the authentic website trends improves the site’s desirability. Such parallax websites administer a dynamic action which boost the user to stay longer on the page.

3. Typography

Typography – A beautiful art of coordinate the text and making it more appealing when displayed. Playing with fonts would be exposure if you fail to choose


  • The perfect fonts
  • Size of the fonts
  • Vertical space between each line you type, proper architecture between each character
  • The width of the text block if you want accomplished reading experience.
  • Deciding the hierarchy of the fonts i.e.,
  • Headings will always remain large
  • Sub-heading, usually smaller
  • Text in the body, smaller than sub-heading.

Read More At –  Web Designing Training in Chandigarh

5. Video Headers

There is no amazement when I say that video headers are becoming popular. The best thing is to keep a cloudy video with light text. It creates a great shock with good readability. Above that YouTube makes it elementary if the user wants to add the embed code for the video. There are websites which either play the video automatically, while others allow clouting the play button. It has numerous benefits. The only drawback is that it will cause loading problems, which might detract the visitor from the message.

6. Icon Library

Icons have taken a extensive place in the website market. Developers take more choice in making their design more eye memorable. The best part in using the Icon study is that we can apply CSS effects to them. Icons have manner graphic, so the image is scalable without losing the quality.

7. Card Layouts

Websites now being aware, the web pages are broken into smaller parts called Card Layout. Each card the basic part of the page will have information viz. title, an image, certain icons etc. There might consist of a short note/product information. N number of websites have consume the card-based layout. Not just websites, eCommerce has also approve the idea of card layouts. You will see a lot of BigCommerce themes with such layouts and it also helps a lot with CTR.

8. Hero images

The use of large images has been the latest trend on the website today. Creates a great visual impact on the visitor of the store. Parallax scrolling works best when you use Hero Images because the architecture is divided into screens that create uniqueness in your website. Any artist, photographer or designer would love to show their capacity on that website. The only thing that should be treated when using the Hero Images is that you need to have INCREDIBLE IMAGES.

  1. Responsive Design

Any website design that has flexibility between all screen resolutions and devices is the most important approach among all website trends. The optimal viewing experience makes it easy for viewers to read content easily, resize, move, etc. from the desktop to the mobile, it’s not a problem now. It creates a great user experience and is profitable, which is also recommended by Google. It is very easy to manage since the website has a URL and HTML, regardless of the device. Since it facilitates users to share and interact with the provided link.

10. The hamburger menu

The hamburger menu is simply three parallel horizontal lines that are used as a button on the website. Different themes and projects take different types of Hamburger Menu to complement the design. It is usually shown in the upper left or right. There are many users who do not have the idea of the hamburger menu. But there is a simple solution if we combine the icon with the word “MENU”, this will help to increase the interactions.

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What is Linux?

From smartphones to vehicles, supercomputers and home appliances, the Linux operating system is all over the place.

Linux. It’s been around since the mid ’90s, and has since achieved a user base that term industries and continent. For those aware of everything, you understand that Linux is everywhere. It’s in your phones, in your vehicles, in your refrigerators, your Roku devices. It runs the most of the Internet, the supercomputers making scientific breakthrough, and the world\’s stock exchanges. Be that as it may, before Linux turned into the platform to run desktops, servers, and inserted systems over the globe, it was (and still is) a standout amongst the most reliable, secure, and worry-free operating system accessible.

For those not up to date, worry not – here is all the data you have to get up to speed on the Linux platform.

Much the same as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X, Linux is a operating system. An operating system software that manages all the hardware resources connected to

Simply put, the operating system manages communication between software and hardware. Without an operating system, the software will not work.

what is linux

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The OS is contained various pieces:

  • The Bootloader: Software that manages the boot process of your computer. For most users, this will be just a splash screen that pops up and eventually goes away to boot in the operating system.
  • The kernel: This is the one piece of the entire that is really called “Linux”. The kernel is the core of the system and conduct the CPU, memory, and peripheral devices.
  • Daemons: These are background services (printing, sound, scheduling, etc.) that either start during boot, or after logging into the desktop.
  • The Shell: You’ve most likely heard mention of the Linux command line. This is the shell – a command procedure that enables you to control the computer by commands typed into a text interface. This is the thing that, at one time, scared individuals away from Linux the most (Assuming that they had to learn a seemingly archaic command line structure to make Linux work). This is not true anymore. With present day desktop Linux, there is no compelling reason to ever contact the command line.
  • Graphical Server: This is a subsystem that displays graphics on the monitor. Generally referred to as X server, or simply “X”.
  • Desktop Environment: This is the piece of the puzzle that the users really interface with. There are numerous desktop environment to look over (Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, KDE, XFCE, and so forth). Each desktop environment includes built-in applications (file manager, configuration tool, web browser, game, etc.).
  • Applications: Desktop environment don’t offer the full array of applications. Much the same as Windows and Mac, Linux offers tons of  high quality software titles that can be easily found and install. Most modern Linux distributions (more on this in a minute) incorporate App Store-like devices that concentrate and simplify application installation. For example: Ubuntu Linux has the Ubuntu Software Center (Figure 1) which enables you to rapidly look among the a large number of applications and install them from one centralized location

The Ubuntu Software Center is the Linux App Store that carries thousands of free and commercial applications for Linux.


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