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10 Latest Techniques for Smart SEO

Competition for rankings is not going to get you anywhere in 2019. Almost everyone in your niche is doing the general technique of focusing on keywords. This technique is not just outdated but not more efficient. The competition is going to be touching with each passing year. So, what is your strategy to rank in the top position and bring regular traffic through search engine optimization techniques in 2019? Learn the latest SEO techniques.

To prosper as a digital marketing expert or an online entrepreneur, all you need to know is the marketing of your website or how to store on organic search. We have prepared a list of the 10 best SEO techniques in 2019 that can rank your website properly.

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1. Write at least 1800 words

After an in-depth evaluation, it is found that content with more than 1,800 words will appear in the first pages of the SERPs. This suggests that longer content will probably result in higher rankings in most search engines. If your content is more than 1800 words (with relevant keywords), ranking on the first page will be more likely.

10 Latest Techniques for Smart SEO
10 Latest Techniques for Smart SEO

2. Create SEO optimized landing pages

A well-designed and structured landing page can boost lead generation as well as your sales. The landing pages you create will be more gates for inbound search website traffic. Sadly, very few B2B firms fully understand the importance of using specific landing pages to capture new users.

3. Use LSI keywords to outsmart Google

While LSI keywords are not easy to find, LSI generators, Google-related searches and more are available. In fact, you should not just find a keyword phrase, rather, it is better to focus on LSI keywords because Google wants you. Websites with structured content now receive leverage in Google rankings.

4. Link to relevant and authority websites

Everyone wants their website to be ranked high in the SERPs and this is done by getting the website high-quality backlinks. The more backlinks a site has, the higher its DA will be. More DA of a website will result in more rights.

Suppose if 2 websites are competing for the same keywords, same kind of content as well as excellent web traffic, which according to you would rank two more?

Websites with multiple site visitors will rank higher for a specific keyword. If the website has backlinks coming from many high DA websites, it will definitely have a higher ranking in SERPs.

5. Customer choice should be prioritized and used in content

Do you know that voice search means that we are changing in the online market? Practically 80% mobile voice search to get results. In 2019, voice search is going to get a boost. So, as a search engine optimization expert, can SEO methods to rank higher?

Just make a list of words that your customers enter for information. Build a buyer person appropriately and later target them with those words in your content.

6. Do competitor analysis cleverly

Among the most effective search engine optimization strategies is competition evaluation to rank higher in SERPs in 2019. In simple words, you need to observe what your competitors actually do to make room for a keyword and at the same time it is far superior to them.

7. Focus on local SEO optimization

Another modern day search engine optimization method has proved to work efficiently that it is focusing on local SEO. At the present time, the search for ‘near me’ has actually increased as customers are constantly trying to find products and services that are near their geographical area.

You do not need to sell anything online to test local search engine optimization. The main objective is for users to locate their business. When you include your calling information and instructions on your website, users can easily find your company.

8. Conduct technical SEO audits

Unless a website is properly optimized, it cannot be ranked for any keyword. So, optimize seo factors like meta title and meta description, paragraphs, headings, images, and videos. Google ranks a website based on more than 200 ranking factors.

If your website is not effectively optimized for search engines, you cannot rank for any keyword. So, maximize on-page factors i.e. meta title and description tags, headings, paragraphs, tables, pictures, video clips. Google uses more than 200 ranking elements to rate a website. And, some of the most important are:

  • Mobile optimization
  • Add ssl
  • Internal linking

9. Focus on social branding as well as content marketing

Well, this is an evergreen search engine optimization strategy of 2019. You need to work with your content strategy to boost your website ranking. Content and social promotion can be done in many ways. Social promos discuss strategies.

  • Social promotion
    The most effective way to advertise content on social media is through groups as well as communities. You will definitely need to create multiple IDs to ensure that you do not get to ban your activities due to prevalent promos. Now promote content on social network websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest are one of the few websites that provide a lot of traffic in a very short period of time. You can use Instagram and Snapchat. But these places are only too good for building brand awareness.
  • Content strategy & promotion
    Create a blog section for your website and update it on a frequent basis. The more content you upload to the blog site, the more it will take your website to the first page of the SERPs.

This is where content strategy plays an important role and it would also be nice to have content calendars and content posted appropriately.

10. Improve the user experience

If you want your website to get more web traffic and higher search engine rankings, then you need to make sure that it is user friendly. When your website provides visitors with the experience they were expecting or much better; Site visitors have a tendency to invest even more time on your website, which can boost your internet search engine ranking. Google can measure the time spent by a user on a website.


Whether you are a website administrator or digital marketing professional, now that 2019 is over, these organic search engine optimization strategy in 2019 are some of the best ways to optimize search engine optimization content for your websites. We have tried to make this search engine optimization tips and techniques as detailed as possible, but if you want to recommend something after that then add something in the comments section below. If you want to learn these top 10 SEO techniques, you can enroll in PPC training institutes. They have the best PPC Training in Chandigarh.


How Google-Ads Can Also Help You In Leading Organic Search Result

Google-Ads and natural ranking of a page seem like  totally particular things things as one is an explicitly paid stuff and brought to the top in SERP, while the other is totally a client dependent thing on which we have no control. We will examine the facts about “How the Google-Ads support in raising up the organic ranking?”, but prior to this secret revelation of their inter-relation, we must have an idea about the role that Google-Ads play.

Google-Ads and natural positioning of a page app show Google-Ads Can Also Help You In Leading Organic Search Result

ar two totally particular things as one is an expressly paid stuff and brought to the top in SERP, while the other is totally a client subordinate thing on which we have no control. We will examine the realities about “How the Google-Ads support in raising up the natural positioning?”

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A brief sight on Google-Ads

Google-Ads are actually a platform for every website or brand to advertise and promote themselves. So as to increase their businesses through CTR (click-through-rate). By putting a short demonstration of the product in the form of text/image/video or a combination of all.

Website owners prefer Google-Ads for two reasons usually, either to further expand the business or just to be a brand by maintaining themselves in the first position. Apparently, the reason for expansion is more usual but we also can’t neglect the latter one. There are numerous popular brands who do not require any such support but still are paying a lump amount on Google-Ads, just to remain in the top and occupying an image being on the first page.

Reportedly, it is the largest source of revenue for Google, as it counts for over $90 billion annually and increasing every year.

How Google-Ads Can Also Help You In Leading Organic Search Result


Despite being a tech-thing, you will be finding some sociological terms like ‘misconceptions, human nature’ in this article. There are plenty of speculations regarding Google-Ads and its relationship with SERP. Many out there are envisaging in a way that Google helps its advertisers and rank their results higher just because they have paid some amount to Google.

Google might have felt like a person who is expected to answer on this but, not getting bothered from an outsider, Google has continued its work. However, the observers reportedly had tried to clarify this misconception stating,” the organic ranking of a page is not deliberately raised up because of their Google-Ad. Whereas, Google-Ads implicitly helps in SERP in a psychological manner. It results in increasing the interaction with the public which brings that page up from its previous position.

How Google-Ads implicitly help in Organic search?

  •  When you pitch for the Google-Ads, thousands of searchers would surely find your result on the first page. A few of them would probably click on your advertisement too. And a few out of those few ones would also feedback their experience, and at least one would convert into a lead lately.

The main point of the context is, not the clicks that we got on our advertised link, but the further actions performed on our websites such as feedbacks and comments are helping in organic uplift of that page.

A click on a page is a fruit from Google-Ads, but further involvement with your website/page is all because of your content and services are worthy of it. Conclusively, the reviews and actions performed by a user on our website help in organic popularity. No matter if they have come through the advertised link.

  • Since we have paid for it, we would be getting our results in the top in return. But how it helps in organic search results, is a bit internal thing to understand.
  • Another hidden benefit of having a Google-Ad comes out when you already are doing well in organic results. As having both the Ad & Ad-free(organic) result on the first page psychologically creates an image for your brand. It somehow convinces a searcher to go with your website/brand.

Survey reveals that, if 1000 users searched for a keyword, over which your ad is running in, and simultaneously your SEO/organic result is at the same page, a user would prefer to go with your brand over the others.

Moreover, the ad-free results are clicked comparatively more than an advertised one by a searcher when he finds both on the same page. This psychology of, ‘Not clicking the ad-result but the ad-free one’ help in raising the organic rank.

This is an intensely observed fact of user experience and reactions on the Internet, therefore, to be implemented wisely with an adequate expense.

  • Another fact says that ‘being known to the public is better than being a newcomer’.

As far as getting into the first page is concerned, people would prefer to choose the one which they have heard of or seen before. Once you have advertised through it, your results might not get you the leads on this very first chance but will surely make you acquainted to the public this time. The next time you will be there on the first page, there will be a higher probability to get a lead this time because you are acquainted face now.

Google-Adds Also Helps You In A Marketing Way

Suppose, you are rendering a number of services and any one of them is not in demand anymore. Undoubtedly, you would like to raise that service up again and bring it back to the competition. Therefore, Google-ads serves a PPC (pay-per-click) platform which could help you in keeping your service from being an outsider by creating a small competition for it.

It’ll be a ‘do for it or let it die’ technique, which would require proper awareness regarding the market and a will to do so. How?

Suppose, your website is doing good in SERP, and you are expecting the same for a particular keyword (service) of yours which is not in competition anymore. For that, you just need to stand on the PPC (pay-per-click) platform and wisely bid on your less performing keyword.

You would also get a cheaper bid for a non-competing keyword, which is a benefit of being a non-competitor itself.

And by the time you would be getting clicks on your keyword, your competitors would realize someday that the keyword is ranking high, as a result of which, they would also start bidding on that same keyword. Eventually, the keyword will get competition and your website (or a page), on the other hand, would rise high on SERP.

Conclusively, rather nodding the head on some myths like Google internally supports them who pay it, we should understand the fact and the way it actually goes. Google is a renowned search engine carrying the largest portion of the Internet market and constantly working on improving its results according to a user’s on page reactions.

Human nature on the other hand also has become an attribute to be taken care of, because to some extent, it is playing a role in raising the Organic ranking of a page as well.

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5 Web Design Turn-Offs To Avoid

Website composition ought to be the principal focal point of anybody wanting to dispatch their own site. In like manner, the individuals who are as of now online should focus on the manner in which their site is planned. Despite the fact that it appears as though the most significant thing is to have quality substance on your site, you likewise need to focus on how you arrange it.

As well as that, there’s a higher chance of converting site visitors into paying customers and lowering your bounce rate. In that spirit, here are some things you should definitely avoid in order to achieve the full aesthetics of your website.

1. No updates

Most people think that it’s enough to create their website once and leave it at that. The thing is, trends change and if your website doesn’t follow them, it’s going to be out of the game pretty quickly. Regular updates should be on top of your to-do list.

If it’s been more than five years since you’ve updated your site, the chances are that you’re missing some key factors which attract users. The best thing to do in this situation is to read up on current web design trends and see how you can fit them into your site. Don’t be afraid to tackle WordPress. In some cases, it’s even a good idea to launch a completely new website.

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2. Pop-ups

Creating an engaging website is the goal of many, but they approach the issue in a completely wrong way. You may want your users to sign up for your newsletter or register for your website, or see something you think is valuable, but you can’t bombard them with this information. Pop-ups are repulsing for most, and they simply leave if they even see a hint of pop-ups on any website.

Instead of being pushy with pop-ups, you can display the same information at the end of an article or blog post. This way, you’re engaging the user by inviting them to explore further. You’re not forcing them to interact with you by limiting what they see and read with pop-ups.

3. Not being optimized for mobiles

 In this day and age, it’s important to realize that most users turn to their mobile phones instead of computers for help. In fact, research has shown that most search queries are conducted via smartphones today. This is bad news if your site isn’t optimized for mobile phones. What does this mean?

Well, simply put, your website needs to work as efficiently on the small screen as it does on the big one. The articles on your website should be neatly displayed, it should have no trouble with pics, and videos should play smoothly.

5 Web Design Turn-Offs To Avoid

If you don’t take this matter into consideration, you can be sure that users are bound to leave your site as soon as they open it. A website or company can’t survive today without supporting the basic needs of its users. Keeping up with the times is your number one priority.

4. Endless information

If your front page is packed with all of the ideas you’ve ever come up with, and if all the valuable info is placed there too, you can be sure that the users will leave. Too much content packed onto one website can be rather confusing to navigate. Patience wears thin pretty quickly, and before you know it, the user has left the website. The organization is key; especially for websites which have a lot to say.

It can be hard to figure out how to organize your site, which is why most firms turn to professionals like Orion Creative. With a web design firm working with you, you can be sure that your site info will be neatly packed. They’re the ones more familiar with current trends and the ones who will certainly up the level of quality of your website.

Whether it’s making the pages turn with a click of a mouse, organizing the website into neat categories, or doing anything in between, you can be sure that your site is going to be much more compact and easier to read. Instead of putting your users off, it will invite them to explore the premises further.

5. Slow loading

Another problem with landing pages that are packed with information is that they’re extremely slow to load. No one wants to wait an eternity for something to load only to find out it’s practically useless. Your priority should be making your website faster. In the age of sophisticated technology, slow sites are simply not acceptable anymore.

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