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App development with iOS or Android: Which one to choose?

App development with iOS or Android : Which one to choose?

Thinking of switching gears in app development? The demand for talented and Experienced mobile app developers keeps on exceed supply by quite some margin. It’s a lucrative field to build a career in, however before you begin, it’s important to  discover the response to a basic question: which platform do you expertise in?

Android and iOS app developers have supreme authority among the preferred mobile app platforms.

And so, having to decide between the two – iOS and Android app development – can be bewildering if you are simply setting out. We’ll assist you with some essential facts to ease your decision-making process. See what suits you best.

First,  we will start by looking into the two operating systems themselves, and then compare the upsides and downsides to app development with Android and iOS.

Battle of the Operating Systems:  Android Vs iOS

Android: For you, as a prospective newbie in mobile app development, Android’s single greatest selling point is its adaptability. Android’s open-source model has paved the way for third-party developers to make a wide scope of applications and add-on functionalities that add to the OS’s inherent capabilities.

You can make and create anything from widgets and live wallpapers to applications that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store as well as from the Amazon Appstore or even directly from the app developer’s website.

This allows developers to test the water of Android app development and get a much wider scope for creating amazing apps that find superior usability.

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Android Platform

Some Pros:

  • Android’s customization potential outcomes include the ability to install various gadgets and widgets to a device’s lock system.
  • Allows the ability to set or change a specific program.
  • You can install non-factory dialers and SMS applications.
  • The standard pull-down notification system enables you to turn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and sound on and off with a single tap instead of having to access system preferences.
  • By default, Android has a file management system similar to PC and Mac, which distributes “hands-on” experience using mobile devices.

Some Cons:

  • The freedom to adapt does not guarantee uniform performance of the interface.

For example, something that was good to perform in a particular OS, could not perform so well with an advanced OS.

  • Also, Google’s app policies are not as strict as those of Apple, which means that the peak performance rate in the app is not guaranteed and there is also risk of security threats.

Despite its flaws, Android remains the more well known and broadly utilized among the two  operating systems, and more mobile manufacturers use the Android OS than any other.

iOS: Whatever Android  needs, iOS makes up for. With a simplified layout and vibrant colors, Apple’s interface guarantees uniform and consistent performance.

Numerous recently released apps, too, mostly enter the Apple App Store before finding their way into the Google Play Store or onto the Android market. This is more so because of the credibility that iOS applications appear to ensure. The strict quality control measures taken by Apple ensures greater security, unlike the case with Android.

App development

App development

iOS Platform

Some pros:

  • It is quick, clean and much more secure than other platforms available in the market.
  • Greater validity and security of applications has been assured.
  • It is a user-friendly and more stable mobile interface.
  • The interface of iOS is better for gaming and game developers.

Most often, the beneficial and  disadvantageous factor of iOS overlap. Keeping the following in mind –

Some cons:

  • Apple does not allow Flash functionality.
  • Side-loading of apps with iOS is not possible. And although jail-breaking is an option to overcome it, but it can change later in reduced device operability.
  • Although secure, iOS users restrict freedom to detect as many apps as possible.

In this way, it may be said while both the operating systems have their own sets of pros and cons, and perform similarly to each other, the choice of having to pick between them relies on the user and neither outweighs the other.

Android App Development Vs iOS App Development

Having discussed about the operating systems themselves, we will presently look at the application development platforms of both.

Most applications initially get released for the iOS platform and then for Android. But  more applications are released for Android than for iOS, given its open-source model. Android has a larger user-base but iOS applications frequently convey greater revenue. They appear to finish up in a tie once more.

Here is a comparison table which has the characteristics of both platforms.


Android iOS
Programming Languages For Android, it is Java. It is very easy to learn and code this language, even for beginners too. For iOS, it is mostly Objective-C and Swift. Objective-C requires more lines of coding.
Development Tools Android’s development toolkit is the Android Studio.  Both Android and iOS’ development toolkits are accessible free of expense.

This IDE effectively features mistakes and offers more  choices for app development.

To deploy applications onto iOS devices or distribute them over the  application store, you would need to pay $99 per year.

Xcode needs an express form stage and offers fewer choices, but the GUI design tools will compensate for the setbacks.

Design System Android’s design system allows for partitioning of applications into  fragments and activity.


Activities relate to a screen. And fragments are part of activities.


Numerous screens implies various activities with only one active at any given time.

Fragments, on the other hand, can be utilized to open different screens, enter values, and return to activity. Multiple fragments can be used with an activity.

Navigation and organization is done by view controllers. And there are similar ones like: navigation controllers, page view controllers, split view controllers and so on.


There is additionally storyboard which helps you compose the pictures and illustrations.

Device Fragmentation There are 19,000 screen size variations supporting Android. The screen size  variety in iOS is restricted to a few dozen and there are just three sizes of graphics for this. And this is an advantage, because you do not have to pre-scale large numbers of players with Android.
Simulators Android’s simulators may end up being quite problematic. This is because of the various, differed models that keep running on Android.


With Android, you would need to settle on the choice of the operating system versions, screen size and will have to create one that suits your needs. Then, you have to make sure that it is an Intel-powered version, not Arm. Arm Simulator is quite slow and not very effective.

Apple wins in this category hands down. With a couple of models, it gives only one simulator that you can invoke for the appropriate model. That makes things simple!
Documentation The documentation provided for Android development is comprehensive and quite impressive. The documentation provided in iOS development is well documented simply like it is for Android, and clarifies explicit ideas, similar to View Controllers, truly well. Moreover, it supports both Swift and Objective-C.

So, both of these apps were about the comparison of the development platform.

Even considering other factors like market share, revenue, ease of up-gradation and more, both the platforms seem to be close to the winning edge.

So, as a learner venturing into this arena, it would only be wise if you based your choice on your personal interests and circumstances.

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5 Stunning Features of Responsive Websites Designs

Before starting web designing actual article web designing training in Chandigarh would like to elaborate the definition of responsive website design. Since you can’t comprehend the features clearly until you won’t have knowledge about what is meant by responsive design.

Responsive Design is an approach to designing and building up a site, application or games with respect to a user’s behavior and environment.

Responsive Websites are essentially sites that are designed and built in a way to act like user preference.

The concept of adapting a site’s layout as devices’ display was first written in 2004 by Cameron Adams. This concept is very simple. Its aim is to provide an optimum viewing reading, experience,  and navigating in wide range of devices.

These devices include tables, smartphones, iPods, iPads and Smart Televisions etc.

Responsive website design usually adapts the layout according to the viewer’s choice.

If a user switches their laptop to iPod, the responsive website will automatically move to the respective resolution of the new device.

Responsive Websites Designs are adjusted of extent  based-grids, flexible graphs, images, intelligence use of media queries and different  properties like fluid grids.These websites are adjusting for size, resolution and scripting capabilities.

5 Stunning Features of Responsive Web Designing

Now I’m going to discuss the amazing features one by one.

1. Adaptation to All Devices

This is one of the most beneficial parts of Responsive Websites Designs that they give lovely user-experience across numerous devices neglecting their screen sizes. To make the screen resolution of all devices make their flexibility more attractive. You can easily imagine working on your site for all the tools that give the most positive user experience. Optimizing your site for all the available screen sizes gives a great universal look.

The working of a single website for both desktops and mobile devices make it increasingly broad rather than various sites as per devices chooses by users.

Can you imagine your site working independently and modify yourself according to the screen, in it the rotation of the screen, content reposition, images L resize, font size shift and even changes in navigation Will happen. These features make a positive image of your business site on the end user who ultimately receives more audience.


5 Stunning Features of Responsive Websites Designs


2. Open Support For All Browsers

The Responsive Websites Designs are  progressively good with all search engines. Which is the most significant and helpful feature of responsive websites. As we know Greater the similarity of a site to search engines greater its visibility. Visibility features eventually give the simplicity of accessibly acquired websites on all devices. These visualizations will attract more traffic to your site, which increases the graph of your income.

Most popular search engines, Google Love Responsive Sites.  It additionally prescribes mobile optimized sites for target mobile users.

3. Perfection in Your SEO

The websites that don’t have responsive design are usually not compatible for smart phones and all other devices. For such devices, companies will have to create ‘the mobile sites’. These things not only double the work of developers, but also make a challenge for SEO individuals to optimize links to both the mobile and desktop sites.


Responsive designs of the website give simpler for SEO’s people to work only once and limited the burden of work.

These features give the simplicity of optimizes the site against one link. One URL optimizations are very easy that give consistency in URL structure against all devices. This will eventually result in higher execution rate of your site that make it  progressively well known among the rest of the search results.

4. Low Cost & Higher Maintenance

It is the most significant feature of RWD Websites, Games Apps for budget conscious customers. Rather than creating various versions of a single site that will compatible against desktop, laptop, iPods and smartphones you simply need to build up a single site with responsive characteristics.

This will eventually minimize the cost factor and give simplicity of maintenance. In long term flawless progression of your site makes it resistant of unseen defects. It will lower the burden of maintenance in a cost effective manner.

5. More Sale & Higher Conversation

A huge number of visitors or people come to your site through smart phones, tablets and iPods. As per a review this mobile revolution now optimistically 1.9 billion  individuals are utilizing smart phones in 2013. Now being an owner of a business, you couldn’t ignore such number of majority visitors.

If you have an online business of selling product and services than this responsive designs will raise your conversation. During the search of the user if your site will act simply like their preference than this will let them to  remain on your site. The user friendly behavior of your site will prompt higher conversion rates.


In 21st century everyone has smart phones, tablets and other devices. With the progression in technologies  entire world is getting changed as a small village. By adapting this technological advancement in the IT field you should build your business websites in responsive designs manners. Due to the significance of RWD from a business point of view, everyone should add this Responsive Design to their web strategies in the future for the sake of batter visuality experience to mobile users. This simplicity of accessibility from any device gets more traffic to your site.

Responsive design of your site will improve client experience, improve SEO load and will give high performance in low cost and less timings. These are the key purpose of flourishing your business according to user preference. For these reasons RWD is the best choice for your exclusive business personality.


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