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How is Java platform independent?

The meaning of platform independent  is that, the java source code can keep running on every operating system.

A program is written in a language which is a comprehensible  language. It might contain words, phrases and so forth which the machine does not understand it. For the source code to be known by the machine, it should be in a language understood by machines, ordinarily a machine-level language. Along these lines, here comes the role of a compiler. The compiler changes over the abnormal state language into a configuration understood by the machines. Accordingly, a compiler is a program that deciphers the source code for another program from a programming language into executable code.

This executable code might be an arrangement of machine guidelines that can be executed by the CPU specifically, or it might be an intermediate representation that is translated by a virtual machine. This intermediate represented in Java is the Java Byte Code.

How is Java platform independent?

Step by step Execution of Java Program:

  • At whatever point, a program is written in JAVA, the javac gathers it.
  • The result of the JAVA compiler is the .class record or the bytecode and not the machine native code (unlike C compiler).
  • The bytecode created is a non-executable code and needs a interpreter to execute on a machine. This interpreter is the JVM and along these lines the Bytecode is executed by the JVM.
  • And finally the program runs to give the desired output.

In case of C or C++  the compiler produces an .exe file which is OS dependent. When we attempt to run this .exe file on another OS it doesn’t run, since it is OS dependent and thus isn’t compatible with the other OS.

Java platform is independent but dependent on JVM platform

In Java, the main point here is that the JVM relies upon the operating system – so on the off chance that you are running Mac OS X you will have an alternate JVM than if you are running Windows or some other operating system. This reality can be confirmed by trying to download the JVM for your specific machine – when attempting to download it, you will given a list of JVM’s comparing to various operating system, and you will clearly pick whichever JVM is focused for the OS that you are running. So we can complete that JVM is platform dependent and it is the reasons why Java is able to become “platform Independent”.

Important Points:

  • In the case of Java, it is the appearance of Bytecode that makes it platform independent.
  • This adds to a vital component in the JAVA language termed as portability. Each system has its own JVM which gets installed automatically when the jdk software is installed. For each OS separate JVM is accessible which is capable to read the .class file or byte code.
  • An imperative point to be noted is that while JAVA is platform independent language, the JVM is platform dependent. Distinctive JVM is designed for various OS and byte code can keep running on various OS.

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Web Design Trends 2019

Web Design Trends 2019

Web design trends are what I call “Anything that develops smart building solutions” or “Early adopter, anything that reaches popularity.” Stories have defined our world. They have continued to grow, with their ambition remaining the same: to entertain, to share common experiences, to educate and to pass on nationality. Web workers speculate where web design trends will head in the year 2018. The success of the flat design was unstoppable. Technological advancement has change the way we collaborate, socialize and do business. Preferences upgrades gradually, so will their appeal for better quality stuff. There were a lot many expectation from the customers which are normal to continue in the year 2019 too.

Web Design Trends 2019

1. The Rise of CSS3 Animations

Animations have hit the web market. They are being used in the websites to enhance a site’s background and make it more interactive. Animations build background videos, motion graphics, scrolling effects, micro-interactions. CSS animation is a powerful feature which has gained honest appeal by the users.

  1. Parallax

Parallax helps you to grab attention and create a convinced sphere around your products. It helps you to promote a greater chance of connecting because the authentic website trends improves the site’s desirability. Such parallax websites administer a dynamic action which boost the user to stay longer on the page.

3. Typography

Typography – A beautiful art of coordinate the text and making it more appealing when displayed. Playing with fonts would be exposure if you fail to choose


  • The perfect fonts
  • Size of the fonts
  • Vertical space between each line you type, proper architecture between each character
  • The width of the text block if you want accomplished reading experience.
  • Deciding the hierarchy of the fonts i.e.,
  • Headings will always remain large
  • Sub-heading, usually smaller
  • Text in the body, smaller than sub-heading.

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5. Video Headers

There is no amazement when I say that video headers are becoming popular. The best thing is to keep a cloudy video with light text. It creates a great shock with good readability. Above that YouTube makes it elementary if the user wants to add the embed code for the video. There are websites which either play the video automatically, while others allow clouting the play button. It has numerous benefits. The only drawback is that it will cause loading problems, which might detract the visitor from the message.

6. Icon Library

Icons have taken a extensive place in the website market. Developers take more choice in making their design more eye memorable. The best part in using the Icon study is that we can apply CSS effects to them. Icons have manner graphic, so the image is scalable without losing the quality.

7. Card Layouts

Websites now being aware, the web pages are broken into smaller parts called Card Layout. Each card the basic part of the page will have information viz. title, an image, certain icons etc. There might consist of a short note/product information. N number of websites have consume the card-based layout. Not just websites, eCommerce has also approve the idea of card layouts. You will see a lot of BigCommerce themes with such layouts and it also helps a lot with CTR.

8. Hero images

The use of large images has been the latest trend on the website today. Creates a great visual impact on the visitor of the store. Parallax scrolling works best when you use Hero Images because the architecture is divided into screens that create uniqueness in your website. Any artist, photographer or designer would love to show their capacity on that website. The only thing that should be treated when using the Hero Images is that you need to have INCREDIBLE IMAGES.

  1. Responsive Design

Any website design that has flexibility between all screen resolutions and devices is the most important approach among all website trends. The optimal viewing experience makes it easy for viewers to read content easily, resize, move, etc. from the desktop to the mobile, it’s not a problem now. It creates a great user experience and is profitable, which is also recommended by Google. It is very easy to manage since the website has a URL and HTML, regardless of the device. Since it facilitates users to share and interact with the provided link.

10. The hamburger menu

The hamburger menu is simply three parallel horizontal lines that are used as a button on the website. Different themes and projects take different types of Hamburger Menu to complement the design. It is usually shown in the upper left or right. There are many users who do not have the idea of the hamburger menu. But there is a simple solution if we combine the icon with the word “MENU”, this will help to increase the interactions.

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What is Linux?

From smartphones to vehicles, supercomputers and home appliances, the Linux operating system is all over the place.

Linux. It’s been around since the mid ’90s, and has since achieved a user base that term industries and continent. For those aware of everything, you understand that Linux is everywhere. It’s in your phones, in your vehicles, in your refrigerators, your Roku devices. It runs the most of the Internet, the supercomputers making scientific breakthrough, and the world\’s stock exchanges. Be that as it may, before Linux turned into the platform to run desktops, servers, and inserted systems over the globe, it was (and still is) a standout amongst the most reliable, secure, and worry-free operating system accessible.

For those not up to date, worry not – here is all the data you have to get up to speed on the Linux platform.

Much the same as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Mac OS X, Linux is a operating system. An operating system software that manages all the hardware resources connected to

Simply put, the operating system manages communication between software and hardware. Without an operating system, the software will not work.

what is linux

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The OS is contained various pieces:

  • The Bootloader: Software that manages the boot process of your computer. For most users, this will be just a splash screen that pops up and eventually goes away to boot in the operating system.
  • The kernel: This is the one piece of the entire that is really called “Linux”. The kernel is the core of the system and conduct the CPU, memory, and peripheral devices.
  • Daemons: These are background services (printing, sound, scheduling, etc.) that either start during boot, or after logging into the desktop.
  • The Shell: You’ve most likely heard mention of the Linux command line. This is the shell – a command procedure that enables you to control the computer by commands typed into a text interface. This is the thing that, at one time, scared individuals away from Linux the most (Assuming that they had to learn a seemingly archaic command line structure to make Linux work). This is not true anymore. With present day desktop Linux, there is no compelling reason to ever contact the command line.
  • Graphical Server: This is a subsystem that displays graphics on the monitor. Generally referred to as X server, or simply “X”.
  • Desktop Environment: This is the piece of the puzzle that the users really interface with. There are numerous desktop environment to look over (Unity, GNOME, Cinnamon, Enlightenment, KDE, XFCE, and so forth). Each desktop environment includes built-in applications (file manager, configuration tool, web browser, game, etc.).
  • Applications: Desktop environment don’t offer the full array of applications. Much the same as Windows and Mac, Linux offers tons of  high quality software titles that can be easily found and install. Most modern Linux distributions (more on this in a minute) incorporate App Store-like devices that concentrate and simplify application installation. For example: Ubuntu Linux has the Ubuntu Software Center (Figure 1) which enables you to rapidly look among the a large number of applications and install them from one centralized location

The Ubuntu Software Center is the Linux App Store that carries thousands of free and commercial applications for Linux.


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How to Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business?

In this article you know How to Start and Run a Successful Web Design Business?

While listening to the stories of extraordinary website specialists it appears that beginning a web design business is much simple. Be that as it may, the way process beginning your own business isn’t that simple as it appears; you need planning and designing skills as well as alongside that, an full- fledged plan and sincere efforts are additionally required to get your business run effectively.

When designer get professional and get skills to deal with activities on an individual basis, they consider working as a freelancer or beginning their own web designing company. No doubt it is a smart thought yet it requires a mix of strategic thinking, thoughtful and skilled effort, and perseverance to change over your fantasies into reality.

However, all who are planning to begin their own web designing business, can refer to the beneath given tips for an ideal begin and consistent running of their web design business.

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Points to start and Run a successful web design business

  • Know your strengths and weaknesses

Your strengths will give you choose main services you would offer and your weakness will help you at maintaining a strategic distance from wastage of time and energy on the things that can be handled by someone else.

If you have planned to begin your own business, certainly you will hiring some staff for it. Along these lines, a thing that you have to do at first is knowing the task you are amazing at and you would deal with yourself, and knowing the ones for which you would require someone help.

  • Know your market

There is no doubt that you will provide a good service, but you are not offering what you are going to sell.

Instead, try to know what they are looking for and tailor your services to their needs. If you are finding it difficult  then you can get some potential customers to tell you about their requirements for web designs.

Almost certainly you would convey the services you are great at yet don’t offer individuals what you are trying to sell. Rather, try to recognize what they are searching for and tailor your services to their requirements. If you are thinking that it’s hard, you can inspire some potential customers to inform you regarding their requirement for web design.

  • Have a clear thought about your offerings

When you have known your market, enroll every one of your offering. It relies upon your range of abilities and talent that what services you would offer your customers. More clarify about offering implies more greater odds of achievement. Here are a few inquiries that you ought to approach to yourself for finalizing your services:

If you want to provide services all over the world or want to provide services only to local clients?

If you want to pay for the entire job, or do you want to pay in hours or days?

If you are managing your client relationship with you or hiring a specialist?


  • Design an attractive website


As individuals would hiring you for web designing services, they will see the plan of your own site to have a thought regarding the quality. In this way, designing an attractive website to reflect  your business to the best. It ought to be responsive, quick and connecting with the goal that viewers will simply enjoy the browsing process on it. Clear and simple navigation alongside the relevant content are the two primary things that will increase the value of your business website.

  • Be active on the Social Media

Social media is not any more confined to set up social connection among the general population, its approach had achieved an a long ways behind that. It has turned into the superb method to promote your services, drive traffic to your site, attract potential clients and form a network of the people who have a similar specialty. In this way, comprehend the significance of all the social media platform and the manner in which you can utilize them to maximize your business benefits.

  • Show your credibility

At the point when customers shop around for web designing services, they search for the specialists. Along these lines, showing your credibility to the world is extremely essential. Notice all the basic educational detail, certification and work experiences on your profile as it would give individuals a reasons to trust you and your services. Improve your validity by posting visual content about your area of expertise and by refreshing yourself according to the most recent industry trends.

In the last, trainers of web designing training in Chandigarh might want to say this is a time of extreme rivalry, so you would need to keep patience and show diligence regardless how many of hardships you face to begin. What’s more, when you have a effective and thoughtfully foundation in place, achievement will come your way on its own.



Beginner’s Guide to WordPress Database Management with phpMyAdmin

Need Complete Guide for WordPress Database Management alongside phpMyAdmin? Here is a total guide for the beginners. WordPress is composed/coded by utilizing PHP language since it is a scripting language. Furthermore, MySQL as its database the executives framework. In regard to utilize WordPress, you don’t need to learn either of them.

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WordPress is written utilizing PHP as its scripting language and MySQL as its database the management system. So as to utilize WordPress, you don’t generally need to learn both of them. however, a very essential comprehension of the two could enable you troubleshoot issues and increase your understanding how WordPress work. In this article, we will clarify how WordPress utilizes the database including an introduction on default WordPress database tables. We will also show you best practices to deal with a WordPress database utilizing phpMyAdmin which will include creating database backups, improving the WordPress database, and much more.

How WordPress uses Database

WordPress utilizes PHP programming language to store and recover data from the database. The data put away in a WordPress database include: posts, pages,comments, categories, labels, custom fields, clients, and other site alternatives, for example, site urls and so forth. We will expand on this later in the tutorial when we cover all WordPress database tables.

When you install WordPress, it ask to you give your Database name, host, username, and password. This data is put away in the configuration file (wp-config.php).

During the installation, WordPress utilizes the information you give about the database to make tables and store default installations data inside those tables. After the installations, WordPress runs inquiries to this database to progressively generate HTML pages for your site or blog. This is the what makes WordPress extremely powerful because you don’t need to make another .html file for each page that you want to make. WordPress handles everything powerfully.

Understanding WordPress Database Tables

There are 11 default tables in the database in each WordPress installation. Every database table contains data for various segments, features, and usefulness of WordPress. looking at the structure of these tables, you can without much of a stretch comprehend where diverse parts of your site are stored. As of now, a default WordPress establishment makes the following tables:


wp_ before each table name is the database prefix you pick during the installation. It tends to appear as something else.

wp_commentmeta :

This table contains metadata about comment posted on a WordPress site. This table contains four fields meta_id, comment_id, meta_key, and meta_value. Each meta_id is identified with a comment_id. One case of comment metadata put away is the status of comment (approved, pending, trach etc).

wp_comments :

As the name suggests, this table has your WordPress comments. This includes comment author’s name, URL, email, comment, etc.

wp_links : To manage blogroll created by older versions of WordPress or Link Manager plugin.

wp_options : This table contains the vast majority of your WordPress site wide settings, for example, site url, administrator email, default class, posts per page, time arrangement, and  much more. The option table is additionally utilized by various WordPress plugin to store plugin settings.

wp_postmeta :

This table contains metadata about your WordPress posts, pages, and custom post types. Case of post meta data would be which layout to use to show a page, custom fields, etc. Some plugin would likewise utilize this table to store plugin data, for example, WordPress SEO information.

wp_posts :

Name say posts, but in reality this table contains all post types or should we say content type. This table includes all your posts, pages, revisions and custom post types.

wp_terms :

WordPress has an amazing classification system that enables you to organize your content. Singular scientific classification item are called terms and they are put away in this table. example, your WordPress classes and labels are taxonomies, and every categories and tag inside them is a term.

wp_term_relationships : This table manages the relationship of WordPress post types with the conditions in the wp_terms table. For example, this is a table that helps WordPress to determine the X set in the Y category.

wp_term_taxonomy :

This table characterizes taxonomy for terms defined in wp_terms table. For instance in the event that you have a term “WordPress Tutorials”, this table contains the information that says it is related with a taxonomy categories. In short this table has the information that helps WordPress separate between which term is a category, which is a tag, and so on.

wp_usermeta : Includes meta information about users on your website.

wp_users : It includes user information such as user name, password, user mail and so on.

Managing WordPress Database using phpMyAdmin

phpMyAdmin is an open source programming that gives a web based graphical UI to deal with your mySQL database. Most WordPress hosting suppliers have phpMyAdmin installed in their control board. This enables clients to effectively get to the database and perform regular database management tasks.

The majority of our recommended web hosting suppliers use cPanel. To get to phpMyAdmin in cPanel, look down to Databases and tap on phpMyAdmin. This will open phpMyAdmin in new browser tab.

You can perform different task from phpMyAdmin, for example, find/replace a specific word in your post, fix your database, optimize your database, include new admin users, deactivate all plugin, change passwords etc.

Note: Before you change anything, you should make a database backup. There is no undo button. So simply make the backup.

Creating a WordPress Database Backup using phpMyAdmin

To make a backup of your WordPress database from phpMyAdmin, tap on your WordPress Database.

In newer version of phpMyAdmin, it will approach you for a fare strategy. The quick technique will export your database in a .sql file. In custom technique it will provide you with more option and capacity to download backup in compression zip or gzip archive. We suggest utilizing custom strategy and choosing zip as the compression technique. The custom strategy additionally enables you to avoid tables from the database. Let’s say in the event that you utilized a plugin that made a table inside your WordPress database, at that point you can choose to remove that table from the backup if you want.

Your exported database file can be imported back into a separate or similar database using the import tab of phpMyAdmin.

Creating a WordPress Backup using a Plugin

Keeping regular backups of your WordPress site is the best thing you can improve the situation your WordPress security. While the WordPress database contains dominant part of your site data, despite everything it does not have a genuinely critical element, images. Every one of your pictures are put away in the uploads folder in your/wp-content/ directory. Despite the fact that the database has the information which picture is attached where in the post, it is useless if the image folder doesn’t have those files.

Often beginners think that the database backup is all what they require. It isn’t valid. You need a full site backup that includes your plugins, images and themes. NO, most hosting organization don’t keep every daily backups.

Note: If you are on an overseen hosting solution like WPEngine, at that point you don’t need to worry. They take care of daily backups.

For majority of us who are not on WPEngine, you should utilize one of the numerous solution accessible to keep regular backups of your site.

We are utilizing VaultPress, a paid monthly services, to keep  ordinary backups of our site. For those of you who love plugins and don’t care for paying recurring charges, at that point we suggest that you check out BackupBuddy which is pass on the most entire backup solutions for WordPress.

Optimizing your WordPress Database in phpMyAdmin

After utilizing WordPress for a while your database becomes fragmented. There are memory overheads which expands your general database size and query execution time. For those of us who recall in the old PC days, you would see that your computer would get quicker once you use Disk Defragmenter. The MySQL database works comparatively. It comes with a basic command that enables you to enhance your database. Go to phpMyAdmin and click WordPress database. This will display a list of your WordPress tables.

Other Things You can do Using phpMyAdmin

There are numerous things you can change in your WordPress site by changing qualities in Database using phpMyAdmin. however, it is highly recommended that you never do it except if it is totally essential or in the event that you realize what you are doing. Ensure that you first backup your database before making any changes to your database. Below are some of the things you can do with the database:

  • Reset WordPress Password from PhpMyAdmin
  • Add administrator user to WordPress database via MySQL
  • Change WordPress Username via phpMyAdmin
  • How To Disable All WordPress Plugins From PhpMyAdmin

Securing your WordPress Database

Before we get into this, we need to accentuate that each site can be hacked. Notwithstanding, there are sure estimates you can take to make it little harder. First thing that you can do to will be to change WordPress database prefix. This can essentially diminish the chances of SQL injections attack on your WordPress database because often hackers target sites in masses where they are focusing on the default wp_ table prefix.

You ought to always choose a solid username and password for your MySQL. This will make it difficult for anyone to access your database.

We hope that this beginner’s guide to wordpress database management with phpMyAdmin enhanced your understanding of the WordPress database and how it works. While you may not require this guide immediately, it generally help to know how things function for the future.

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Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming

Object Oriented Programming popularly known as OOP, is a programming concept that work on the principle that objects are the most vital part of your program. It permits users make the objects that they need and afterward make techniques to deal with those objects. manipulating these objects to get results is the objective of Object Oriented Programming.

OOP is utilized in a cutting edge programming dialect like Java.

Since the 1980s the word ‘objects’ has showed up in connection to programming languages, with almost all language created since 1990 having object-oriented features. A few languages have even had object-oriented features retro-fitted. It is generally acknowledged that object-oriented programming is the most imperative and amazing method for creating software.

Advantages Of Object Oriented Programming :

  • OOP provides a clear particular structure to programs.
  • It is useful for defining abstract data types.
  • Usage detail are escaped different modules and other modules has a clearly defined interface.
  • It is easy to maintain and adjust existing code as new objects can be made with small differences to existing ones.
  • objects, strategies, instance, message passing, legacy are some vital properties given by these specific language.
  • encapsulation, polymorphism, abstraction are likewise checks in these basics of programming language.
  • It implement real life scenario.
  • In OOP, programmers not only defines types as well as manages with operations applied for data structures.

Features Of Object Oriented Programming –

  • More reliable software development possible.
  • Advanced version of C programming language
  • The most important feature is that it is procedural and object oriented nature.
  • Very suitable for large projects.
  • Quite efficient languages
  • It has the features of memory management.


understanding of basic oops concept Core OOPS concepts are

1) Class

The class is a group of similar entities. It is just a logical component and not the physical entity. For instance, if you had a class called “Costly Cars” it could have objects like Mercedes, BMW, Toyota, and so on. Its properties(data) can be cost or speed of these cars. While the techniques might be performed with these vehicles are driving, reverse, braking etc.

2) Object

A objects can be characterized as a case of a class, and there can be different occasions of a class in a program. An Object contains both the data and the functions, which works on the data. For instance – seat, bicycle, marker, pen, table, vehicle, and so on.

3) Inheritance

Inheritance is an OOPS concepts in which one object gets the properties and practices of the parent object. It’s making a parent-child connection between two classes. It offers strong and common instrument for organizing and structure of any software.

4) Polymorphism

Polymorphism refers to the capacity of a variable, object to take on different forms. For instance, in English, the verb “run” has an alternate significance in the event that you use it with “a laptop,” “a foot race, and “business.&rdquo Here, we comprehend the importance of “run” in view of alternate words utilized alongside it.The same additionally connected to Polymorphism.

5) Abstraction

Abstraction is an act of expressing essential features without including background details.

It is a method of making another data type that is suited for an explicit application. For instance, while driving a vehicle, you don’t need to be worried about its interior working. Here you simply need to worry about parts like steering wheel, Gears, accelerator, etc.

6) Encapsulation

Encapsulation is an OOP technique that wraps data and code. In this OOPS concept, class variables are always hidden from other classes. It must be gotten to utilizing the strategies for their present class. For instance – in school, a student can’t exist without a class.

7) Association

Association is a connection between two objects. It characterizes the decent variety between objects. In this OOP concept, all object have their different lifecycle, and there is no owner. For instance, numerous students can connect with one teacher while one student can likewise connect with different instructors.

8) Aggregation

In this strategy, all objects have their different lifecycle. Be that as it may, there is ownership to such an extent that child object can’t have a place with another parent objects. For instance think about class/objects department and instructor. Here, a single instructor can’t have a place with different divisions, yet regardless of whether we erase the department, the teacher object will never be destroyed.

9) Composition

A composition is a particular type of Aggregation. It is additionally called “death” relationship. Child objects don’t have their life cycle so when parent objects delete all child protest will likewise delete naturally. For that, how about we take a case of House and rooms. Any house can have a few rooms. One room can’t turn out to be a piece of two different houses. In this way, in the event that you delete the house room will also be deleted.


Why Learn Linux

Linux is free, An OpenSource operating system comes with many free software and does not require antivirus but this sentence can not answer the question only “Why Learn Linux?” Most people who are using any type of computer now can not feel the need to learn Linux even after being a hardcore developer.

But learning Linux is always a better option because if you feel comfortable with it, you do not need to buy any operating system licenses like Windows. The reason alone is not necessarily the reason, to learn linux?

Let’s discuss some points that will clear your mind and answer your query.“Why Learn Linux ?”

1: Linux is  secure :

Viruses, spyware, Trozan horses are familiar with each Windows and Mac users. Its advantage over Linux is because it is highly secure and less prone to viruses. If you have Linux, you do not have to worry about updating the antivirus and removing the virus content. It’s one of the safest and secure safe OS around. From device / files to program, access mechanism, secure message, you name it.

Unix was written from the beginning with the idea that many people will use computers simultaneously. Multi-user, multi-work was available from the beginning

2:Linux is almost everywhere

Linux is used in the world’s fastest supercomputer. From all the OS’, Linux runs on most diverse hardware (computer architecture). Approximately personal server desktops and laptops, web server and data center runs on Linux. Internet architecture is incomplete without talking about Linux.

3: Linux community

Linux is a community, yes you’ve heard it right. If you want to learn Linux or just want to use it or want to become a Pro Linux Developer. There is already a community to help you with doubts and answers to all your questions. You can workplace where you can work with Linux developers to share knowledge. You can become part of a terrible community of both beginners and experts who are using Linux to differentiate the world.

4: career opportunities after Linux training

If you have Linux in your resume as your skill set, then a large number of opportunities open up for you. You can be a Linux Developer, Linux Administrator etc in top some MNC’s.

5: An opensource softwares.

Now you can forget about spending thousands of dollars on buying and upgrading software licenses. Whatever you want to do? If you are using linux for personal use then you have VLC, Chrome, photoeditors, Video editors, filemanagers, open office etc completely free just a download away.

Or if you are a pro developer then it is also a great working environment, you have to learn and develop in your stacks of development. Unlike Windows or Mac, you are not dependent on UI, you get TI how everything works. If you are a Java developer or C or any other programming language, you will have experience on how everything works on the core.

6: Linux can run on minimum hardware requirements.

Yes, you read it right! Even if you got 256 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory) and an old desktop with your Grenades with at least 10 GB or 5 GB hard disk, you can still run Linux on that hardware, right? Do not be surprised but you can also boot from Linux with a cheap memory card or pen drive.
If you are learning or using Linux for personal or business use, believe me, you have chosen the right choice.

When I started learning Linux, he gave me really hard times to start. I started with Ubuntu and were not much of the stable options. My good working Linux broke many times with many unknown commands I used to experiment. Still remember an event, I completely removed the off-course user interface from Ubuntu.

So if you have made up your mind and have started learning Linux then be patient and do not switch completely to Linux at the beginning.You can use both Linux & Windows with dual boot. So if something goes wrong or you get frustrated you still have your windows running and safe.Because I was playing with random commands that gave me a sense of saving the world as in movies. Then by chance everything was over and I could see that there was a black terminal and there was no GUI. I still remember the Sudo apt-purge port Ubuntu-desktop command, you should try it sometimes, not really!

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Microsoft Excel Basics: The Ribbon

Microsoft Excel is Microsoft’s spreadsheet application. Excel enables users to perform various types of tasks, including calculation, pivot tools, graphic tools, and macro programming languages. You can create graphs and charts that help you visualize and analyze the data.

It’s tuned out to be a one of the most popular tools in business today, so it’s a smart thought for you to know least the basics. Nowadays, Microsoft even has Mobile Excel applications for Windows, Android, and iOS devices. User can impart spreadsheets to partners that can be access to from the workplace.

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Microsoft Excel Basics: The Ribbon and its tabs

In this article, advance excel training in Chandigarh cover the main functions in the Ribbon, which is what the main menu bar in Excel is called. Items in the ribbon have groups of icons that do the same function. These include:

  • File
  • Home
  • Insert
  • Page Layout
  • Formulas
  • Data
  • Review
  • View


The File menu is the furthest left thing in the Excel ribbon. The File ribbon items enable you to perform document the management functions, including open, spare, close, and print. You additionally utilize the File menu to import from external sources into Excel, alongside alternatives that enable you to change Excel itself.

PRO Tip: The File menu does not show up as a ribbon in Excel for Mac. Rather, the File menu shows up in the Application Menu Bar.


The Home menu is the second menu bar in the Excel. The Home ribbon items include choices for arranging text style, color, conditional formatting, filter, number type, and more. Every one of these functions help one in performing different effective calculations.

Pro Tip: Try the Format Painter. It enables you to duplicate the formatting from one cell then onto the next, which can be a great time saver.


As the name proposes, the Insert menu encourages you embed different choices and items into an Excel spreadsheet. You can insert an assortment of things differ from pivot table to picture, clip art, shapes, screen shots, diagrams and charts, header and footer, equation, and then some.

Pro Tip: You can likewise insert hyperlinks and even maps utilizing the Insert menu.

Microsoft Excel Basics: The Ribbon

Page Layout

Once more, the name recommends the collection of functions on the Page Layout menu. You’ll see numerous choices for configures pages for viewing and printing—including page size, margin, colors and textual styles, etc. You can likewise customize cell height and width on the Page Layout menu.

Pro Tip: You can add a foundation to a collection of cells—or even your whole spreadsheet. Simply click Background and select the picture you want to use.


The Formulas menu is the place you discover all the calculating alternatives. Excel comes lots of formula including financial, sensible, text, date and time, query and reference, and math and trigonometry.

Pro Tip: You can name cells or scopes of cells—this can make it easier modify your formula.


The Data menu likewise contains numerous critical functions in Excel, include imports and associations with databases. You additionally get to the sort, filter, remove duplicates, data validation,, information approval, group, ungroup, and subtotal functions on the Data menu.

Pro Tip: Use the Data Validation functions to guarantee consistency in cells.


earlier in this article, advance excel expert referenced Excel’s capacity to collaborate on spreadsheets. The Review menu is the place huge numbers of those task take place. You can make remarks in cells for your associates, check spelling, track changes, and even confine authorization utilizing things in the Review menu.


On the View menu, you customized the manner in which spreadsheets show up on your screen. Option include showing displaying grid line between cells, flipping the formula bar and headings, and more. This menu additionally gives you choices to view and record macros, too—macros let you record regular advances you perform so you don’t need to repeat the similar things again and again!


Excel is useful to utilize, regardless of whether you’re an office worker, a homemaker, or an data analyst. Realizing the basics can enable you manage budgets, create what-if scenarios and whatever else you can think about that utilizes numbers.

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6 Reasons to Learn Android Development

6 Reasons to Learn Android Development – We are in an era where Google’s Android operating system has entered the nook and corner of the world. On one side there is the current OTA (over-the-air) refresh of its most recent Android Lollipop for all Nexus and Motorola phones and on the other the next version of Android 5.1 (lollipop- II) had been taken off.

So what’s in for hopeful Android developers? Why begin with Android with regards to application development?

Here are some interesting 6 reasons to learn Android development:

Open source code – Make what you want

The most important thing about the Android operating system is that it’s open source.

More than previously, a lot of electronic makers like Samsung, HTC and Asus have access to the code which makes it simple for them to utilize it in their smartphones.

According to IDC, the worldwide offer of Android in Smartphones is going to maximum in 2015! Here is a detailed forecast:

Since a great deal of Android device are getting progressively productive and affordable, the extent of the market is relied upon to develop. This goes to the extent where different version of Android itself have been taken off through organizations like Cyanogen which taken off Cyanogenmod.


Google Play Store– The Huge App Market

Each since Google revealed its play store, the delight of experiencing application has just multiplied tenfold. In the past we as a whole admired the iTunes store from Apple and once in a while getting an iphone was almost impossible. Be that as it may, with the Google play store and Android smartphones access to applications has turned out to be so natural for all.

Let’s look at some numbers…

  • Android is the essential OS for 300 Smartphones, 90 Tablets and 6 E-Readers
  • Ordinary around 1.5 million Android devices are initiated over the globe.
  • There are more than 1,460,800 applications in Google Play store and developing!
  • Over 60% of Android applications are for free!

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Booming Job Prospects

As Android gives a interesting income display, a lot of associations have a devoted group for application development with hiring getting pace. The one of a kind advantage of learning application development is that learner can work or freelancer. Likewise, when that individual experts developing applications through Android it becomes out to be anything but difficult to create applications for other operating systems!

The graph below is only an assumptions of an individual knowing about Java and where he/she could go from that point.

Here it clearly show that application development is one of the promising career ways for experts who simply love making applications.

Revenue Model

Did you realize that the costliest application in Google play store is the Abu Moto collection application for $200! Strange yet true. This application is particularly made for rich individuals. A greater amount of that later, however the way that Google enables developer to price their applications in the Google play store even at such more expensive rates makes it quite rewarding.

Imagine that you are making an application for generally $1 and you dispatch it in Google and there are over 1.5 million Android devices activated every day! What amount would you be able to make regardless of whether 1% of the total Android user downloaded your application? You figure it out…

$1 X 1% X 1.5 Million = $15,000 !

Different Models of Payment:

App Download – Once the application is launched in the Google play store, the application developer can settle a cost for the application and post download, Google will pay out after deducting play store charges.

Ad-Revenue – This model is very normal for free applications where Google will pay out to developers in return for putting promotions in the application. A great deal of developers have profited from this model.

Penetration on Different devices

Android is all over the place. Let’s be honest. recently, the Moto 360 got launched to rival Apple Smartwatch and afterward there is the Google glass powered by the Android operating system. Amazingly, the total number of Android devices sold is 1,175,450,000!

Some of the supported devices include smart TV, smartphone, tablet, portable media player, camera, VoIP phone, video game player, car DVD player, smartwatch and even drones …

What’s in for the Android developer?

It’s basic. Diverse devices offer distinctive chances! Smart TV clients for instance will have different desire in comparison to Smartphone users with regards to applications. Taking signal from this little knowledge, application developers can launch applications for each kind of client portion consequently enlarging their base and expanding their revenue many times.

Gradual Learning Curve

There is a lot of restriction among Android application developers over what they have to realize so as to create Android applications. One needs to agree that the individual must be imaginative, identify opportunities in the market and grow new thoughts. In any case, aside from that, here are some critical skills:

Java – It’s essential to know Java because android applications have Java coding in it.

XML – Secondly, XML is the second most essential skills for Android application development since it enables you to work away at the application layout and design.

Here is how it works :

  • Learn Java/XML
  • Install IDE
  • Start Coding
  • Test and Launch

Obviously, the means are not quite simple and some minor advances are excluded, yet this will give you a brief picture. For any application developer its first vital to concentrate on google’s android operating system since it offers a huge market where anybody can be a piece of this developing story and instant recognitions for your skills is only a stone discard with android.

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Negative Keywords in PPC | PPC Training in Chandigarh

Negative Keywords in PPC:-

One of the steps you can create your ads is that your ad will appear in search terms. I hope you have been specific about your keywords focusing on user intentions and compliance. As you might imagine, negative keywords are roughly the opposite of your targeted keyword. They help guide you to Google, direct the types of search terms for which you do not want to show.Type of keywords that prevent your ad from showing on a particular word or phrase. Your ads are not showing to anyone searching for that phrase. Also known as a negative match.

For example, to open your “campaign” or “ad group” as “open”, you declare Google Ads to show your ad for any search that contains the term “free”. On your showpiece, your ad is less likely to appear on the site when your negative keywords match the site’s content.

How Negative Keywords Increase your PPC Profile?

Use “negative keywords” and your PPC profits can dramatically increase. This valuable technique tells Google that your statement should not be displayed. For example, if you are selling a brand new Apple brand, you do not want your statement to appear when someone is looking for “notebooks with a modified apple there must be your negative statement for your campaign.

Negative keywords are an integral part of any successful PPC campaign, and your ads will stop showing when your search query contains terms that aren’t relevant to your ad.
By adding negative keywords to your campaign, you can filter out unwanted traffic and help you reach the most appropriate prospects while reducing costs.

Negative Keywords in PPC

To find, set up, and add negative keywords to your Google Ad words account, follow these steps:


  • Search for negative keywords
  • Set up your list of negative keywords
  • Go to “Negative keywords” in your Google Adwords account
  • Enter your negative keywords


Finding negative keywords

The best way to find negative keywords is to do that – you guessed – by checking the actual user query data based on the people they searched for. This can be done through Google Ad Keyword Planner and Search Terms Reports. The Google Advertising Keyword Planner is designed to help you find keywords to propose and not exclude. (Google does not really care if you spend a few more dollars that you do not need). But you can also use it to find the negative vocabulary ideas on your list. When you search for the terms “calendars”, you’ll find the appropriate search engine listing as well as the search volumes and some other competition data. If you see terms in the list that you know do not apply to your business (like “free” and “printable” here), consider adding them to your negative keyword list.

The Search terms report shows you actual queries written by people on Google to show your ads. Once you have a solid knowledge of the types of queries that triggered your ad, you can start collecting lists of positive and negative keywords. This method can yield some solid results.

Prepare your list of negative keywords

Prepare your Google Negative Keywords list, each in [square brackets] and the prefix “-“. Examples of our “apple notebooks”.

  • [apple laptops discount]
  • [reconditioned apple mac laptops]
  • [colored apple laptops]
  • [pink apple mac laptops]
  • [used apple laptops]
  • [linux laptops apple]
  • [mini laptops from apple]
  • [refurbished apple laptops]
  • [orange apple laptops]

Where do you enter negative keywords?

You may have noticed all of the negative keywords when you were adding keywords for a campaign or ad group. This tag is next to the Keywords tab!

You can either enter negative keywords at the campaign level that will apply the negative keyword across your entire campaign or alternatively you can also define them for specific ad groups depending on the complexity of your campaign. Just select the ad group where you’d like to add your negative keywords.

Note that, like keywords, you can define whether each negative keyword matches exactly, broad, or phrase.

Use Negative Keywords:-

Google identifies negative keywords as a type of keyword that prevents your ad from showing on a particular word or phrase. Your ads are not showing to anyone searching for that phrase. It is also known as a negative game. ”

A common example of negative keyword usage is ‘cheap’ (Google uses ‘free’ as an example). Let’s say you make bespoke furniture or high-end watches; It is understandable that you do not want to pay for clicks of searchers who are looking for cheaper alternatives.

You must also ban ambiguity. In her ultimate keyword and negative keyword guide, Lisa Raehsler used a good example of blueberry muffins, as the user’s intention for both recipes and bakeries could be – two very different user recommendations.
In such a situation, you will add “recipes” or “bakeries” to your negative keywords, as it may fit.

Types of Negative Keywords:-

Broad-matched:- The broad-matched negative keyword – as Google knows – is “Setting up a keyword that lets you exclude your ad from searches where each word, in any order, appears for a keyword for your keyword in search.”

Phrase-match:- With a negative keyword, you can exclude your ad for searches containing the exact query. Searches can contain additional words, and the ad will not show as long as the keywords are included in the same search.

Exact-match:- The exact match keyword allows you to exclude your ad when searching for the exact keyword phrase – without additional words. Your ad may continue to show for searches that include a keyword phrase with additional words.

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